What makes Paymedia different?

We are flexible, reliable, accountable, and personable. More importantly, we pay attention and we care!

Since 1990, we have helped businesses in New Jersey and beyond to improve their payroll and add HR services. From small start ups to large corporations, Paymedia can ensure that you and your employees get paid on time. More importantly, we have experts on staff to keep you compliant. And, unlike the “big guys,” you’ll have direct access to our experts and senior management.

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Trust us to be your partner!

From simply running payroll to complete HR support, Paymedia can help you meet your objectives.

Like fingerprints, every client is different. That’s why we offer services tailored to your needs. Whether you just want to run payroll or you need to add time management, HR support and benefits, we’re right beside you every step of the way.

Take advantage of our iSolved® platform.

Meet the changing demands of today’s workforce and regulatory environment.

This cutting-edge, simple-to-use platform can be easily deployed at companies ranging from those with fewer than ten to ten thousand employees.  iSolved® takes away the pain of managing HR functions separately, making your job infinitely easier.

Clients love us!

But don’t just take our word for it.

Most of our clients come to us from the “big guys” because they are frustrated with their lack of service. But, virtually all of them stay with us because of our superior service.

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